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speak for themselves. Our content has been tested in numerous classroom settings and proven to be very effective. The combination of short interactive videos optimized for cognitive load and quizzes with multiple different questions types do the trick.
Students that increased their score with our videos
Increased their score after watching our videos
Students average score increase
Was the average score increase
Passed the test after our video
29% of students failed the test before watching our video compared to only 5% that failed after watching our videos
More grade A students
Out of 75 students 2 achieved grade A before watching our videos after watching our videos 38 students out of 75 achieved the best grade A! That’s 19 times as many
Score increase for previously lowest scoring students
The lowest scoring students in our test increased their score on average by 139% meaning they more than doubled their scores
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Our Content

All our content is aligned with the national curriculum, quality checked and developed by the best teachers and in collaboration with our partner schools. Our creative team produces the content with the latest technologies to make it interactive, engaging and fun like never before. You will be amazed how much your child will love to learn with our content and you can be a part of it. Watch a sample video below to see what makes our EQUALLYY content so unique.

Science and Math Content in Thai & English (all curriculum aligned) Short and easy to understand
Over 800 quizzes that prepare your child for every test
Automated exam generator & question database with curriculum aligned questions for your child to practice under real conditions
Our algorithm performs learner analytics in the background to ensure that your child gets the best and individualized learning experience there is
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Our Features

parent landing classroom
Online classroom and collaboration
Online classroom and collaboration

Learning and collaborating in a state of the art online classroom. You child will be able to collaborate and learn with students and friends from all over Thailand as if they sit in the same room. Additionally your child can have tutoring sessions online comfortably from home with one of our many quality checked tutors.

parent landing tutoring platform
Tutoring platform
Tutoring platform

A large tutor platform where your child can find its very own dedicated tutor to tackle and explain the most complicated theories and concepts and prepare your child to pass any exam with flying colors. No matter where you are our online classroom software will connect your child with the tutor anywhere anytime.

parent landing video library
Tutorial video library
Tutorial video library

An extensive tutorial vide library full of interactive and animated videos for a classes and subjects. All our videos are aligned wit the national curriculum.

parent landing instant homework
Parent Dashboard
Parent & student dashboard

Our parent dashboard gives your tools to plan your week and see your children's schedule as well. From here you can navigate and control everything you need. Additionally we give you complete insights into yout children's interaction with the platform and learning progress.

parent landing mockup
Quizzes & mock exams
Quizzes & mock exams

Plenty of quizzes and even complete timed mock up exams to check for mastery and prepare your child to pass any exam or test with perfect grades

parent landing student forum
Student & Parent Forum
Student & Parent Forum

A place for your child to exchange ideas, ask questions, discuss and learn and connect with students and friends from all over Thailand.