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Technical Support
When you videos are playing slow or stopping all the time check your internet connection. Close other windows you have open as these can eat up bandwidth. We recommend the use of Chrome and Firefox browsers for optimal performance. Sometimes logging out and back in can also solve these issues. We have made our videos in different qualities you can change the quality of the video using the settings button on the lower right corner of the video player you can select 720 or 480 as resolution (note not all videos have this option)
Not a problem at all. Simply go to the Log in page and click forgot password. Enter your username or email address and we will set you an email with password reset instructions. Follow these instructions and you can choose and new password and log back in.
Our videos and materials can’t be downloaded but as long as you have an account you can use everything on our platform freely and as much as you want. Your tutor sessions will be recorded for 6 months for your review.
We do not allow account sharing. Every individual account is matched to an IP address which is monitored by our system. By giving your account and login details to friends and family your account might get suspended by our system and no refunds will apply.
Accounts are limited to one user if you share your account you risk getting your account suspended.
In case you can’t solve technically issues yourself please drop us a quick email at info@equallyy.com
Our platform is optimized for Chrome and Firefox browser please use these to ensure optimal performance. Should the problems persist try to close other browser windows as these can eat up bandwidth. It could also be that the connection to the server got interrupted please try to log out and in again. Should the problem persist please get in touch with our IT help via email: info@equallyy.com
Payment & Billing
Your subscription no matter if monthly or yearly is a rolling subscription. That means that the subscription will automatically renew in case you did not cancel your account so you don’t have to do anything or worry about it.
We are flexible and transparent with our cancellation policy you can cancel your account any day during your running subscription.
If your billing information has changed you can provide us with a new billing address by clicking the settings button under your profile section. This will bring you to your profile and personal information there you can also change your billing information. However please be aware that for monthly subscriptions we provide only electronical invoices to your email.
Under normal circumstances we do not provide refunds.
Membership Plans
We currently offer two subscriptions for our self-learning platform
  1. Monthly rolling subscription for 279THB Month (Year 3,348)
  2. Yearly Subscription for 2,388THB Year (199 THB Month)
  3. 3 month subscription for 717THB (239THB month)
  4. Parent accounts are free
  5. Schools: please contact us for our school license plans
  6. Tutors sign up for free (however you cant access our content with a free subscription but you can provide tutoring)
The tutor platform does not carry any sign up or subscription cost, however you will be charged for every tutor session our according to your chosen tutor’s rate.
The difference is that the self-learning platform is as the name suggest mainly built for self learning, meaning we have loaded it up with videos, quizzes, mockup exams and much more. Our self-learning platform can be used for homeschooling or alongside the normal schooling to supplement, support and give students the opportunity to learn at their own speed.
The tutoring platform is built for students who wish to have one to one or group tutoring to do their additional study. The two platforms are not excluding each other and we recommend you use them both for optimal learning outcomes.
The online whiteboard is a feature that comes with every package subscription. If you have an active subscription you can use the online whiteboard with your study buddies and friends for free to learn online together.
General Platform
We have built EQUALLYY for self-learning and therefore you will find it the optimal tool to home school. Our videos are aligned with the Thai national curriculum so you will find a video for every subjects and topic (science and math) that the school curriculum covers in that respective year. For every video there is a quiz that tests for the understanding of the videos content. Additionally we have an exam generator to practice under real conditions. As an add on we have a forum where questions can be posted if in need. Other options include finding a tutor on the tutoring platform or simply connecting with fellow study buddies to work together on problems.
The Dashboard gives you and overview of your study time, progress and much more. We have made an explainer video to explain in detail how it work please have a look in our explainer video section.
Quizzes and videos are arranged according to the Thai core curriculum. Should you not be able to find a video we recommend you try the search field to find it.
We recommend not to give up to early and maybe study the video more often before trying the quiz again. However if you really think is to complicated we are always happy about feedback, reach out to us we will see what we can do.
Ooooops we have made sure to double and triple check our content and provide the highest quality possible. Should you still find a mistake or error we are more than happy to hear from you so we can correct it for everyone. Please reach out to us via email info@equallyy.com
Please contact us we will see what we can do. We are constantly working and uploading new content so if you are missing something chances are we have it or can produce it for you. Please use our info@equallyy.com mail to reach out. Should you have questions not covered in the FAQ please let us know how we can help sending us an email info@equallyy.com